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  • Blue is the color for Kelowna Residential Homes

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    Why Are Kelowna’s Favorite Residential Homes “Feeling Blue” in 2018?

    It looks like Canada’s favorite paint companies are feeling blue in 2018. In this case, feeling blue isn’t a bad thing. In fact, feeling blue is pretty darn great!

    Three of Kelowna residential homes customer-favorite paint brands have selected gorgeous shades of blue for their Color of the Year. The end result? Colors that captivate you and invite you in like your favorite cozy sweater. These shades of blue are trendy for 2018; however, blue is classic and almost acts as a neutral. This means that you won’t need to grab your roller and paint back over the shade next year.

    Let’s take a peek at the colors that are making designers across Canada paint the nation blue this year.


    Behr’s 2018 Color of the Year is T18-15, In the Moment. This shade makes a statement of calm and comfort. It’s blue balanced out with touches of gray and green. It reminds you of the color of a serene lake on a cloudy morning.

    This shade brings a feeling of serenity to any room in the home.  You can confidently paint an entire room, the exterior of your home, or create ceiling treatments with this color knowing that it will not go out of style anytime soon!

    It pairs with bold shades like cranberry, indigo, and black for a more contemporary feeling. On the other hand, pair it with white, cream, or tan for traditional or beachy décor.


    Sherwin-Williams also announced a blue as their Color of the Year. Their pick is SW 6496, Oceanside. This color is a bold and eye-catching blue tempered by a green tone. It’s almost jewel-like quality makes a statement of strength.

    The color comes on a bit strong, but in a very good way! If you want to take an uninspired room from drab to fab so that people take notice, this is the color for you! If you love this color but aren’t feeling daring enough to coat your whole room in bright blue, paint an accent wall or your wainscoting. You will get that pop of blue and a stylish look.

    This color pairs with yellow or bright green for a fun and edgy look. White pops against it for a clean traditional or nautical appearance.


    Unlike the other paint companies, Valspar couldn’t pick just one shade! They opted to name 12 colors that they predicted everyone would lust over. The headliner of these is Reassuring Deep Indigo, a richly saturated and deep blue.

    This is the color of your favorite pair of dark wash blue jeans. It’s almost the intensity of a midnight blue, with just a tad of brightness to keep it from feeling overly heavy. Just as that favorite pair of jeans matches everything, so does this color!

    If you opt to paint an entire room this color, keep it fresh with clean trim, light accessories, and great lighting fixtures to balance out the deep colors. It works equally with both modern and traditional décor.


    Canada’s paint companies, interior designers, and homeowners are all “feeling blue” in 2018. Blue is an ever-popular color that will keep your style on point for years to come. Whether you live in an ultra-modern condo or a traditional lakeside home, you can’t go wrong with these blues.

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